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"Step Sine" was founded in 2006 as a result of amalgamation of two labels – Nubreaks.Net and Breaksound. Today it's the only breaks label in Russia which is able to deliver the music created on the territory of the former USSR to the Western listener. The amalgamation allowed to extend the list of artists, the catalogue of releases as well as to increase opportunities of promotion of the label's products on the world's market.

Over a short period of its existence the label has won the reputation of the only source and voice of the Russian breaks which has unique sound appreciated by the professionals of the industry and listeners. Tracks produced by the label can be heard on the biggest radio stations, in sets of famous DJs and are highly rated by the breaks music experts.

At last the integration of the breaks culture of the former USSR countries into the world process of the style development has started.

In the nearest future the label is going to take significant steps in promotion of the Russian break beat all over the world.

WWW: http://www.stepsine.com
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